Friday, April 24, 2009

The Jackalope jumps

My work lappy now has Jaunty Jackalope gracing it's hard drive.

First let me say I am impressed that the download went as fast as it did. Between using Down Them All, and a good network connection I averaged about 200 kb on the download. So it took about an hour and a half.

The upgrade from Intrepid to Jaunty was mostly painless. I did have a slight issue when it forgot that there was a Window install on hd0,0 but I quickly modified /boot/grub/menu.lst and it was working as intended.

I am still poking around with some of the settings. It did remember to keep all my compiz settings and I do think the cube is responding better and smoother. I'll have to update more as I continue to use it. Overall so far so good.

One more thing wireless and sound seem to be working fine so far but I did hear one report of a co-working having an issue with the wireless driver, but I cannot confirm it.

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